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Whats a FHG

FHGs are Free Hosted Galleries. Thats a gallery with free promotion pictures and / or videos. This galleries are hosted on our servers.

If you log into the NBBCash Webmasterlounge, you will get FHG Links with your CCBill ID. If your post the FHG Links on your website, every visitor of your website will open the FHGs with your CCBill ID.

If a visitor of the FHG does a signup at our sites via your FHG Links with your CCBill ID, you will get 50% of what he pays.

How does a free hosted gallery look like?

Whats the webmasterlink at the FHGs?

That's a link with your webmaster ID to the NBBCash program. If another webmaster signs up using this link, we will give you 10% of his signups.


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