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Q: How can I cancel my membership?
A: It is quite simply to cancel your membership. Please click here for more details.

Q: Retrieve username & password
A: Normally our merchant sends the username and password to you directly via e-mail. Additionally the username and password are displayed after sign up.
If you have lost you password, you can check out the merchant's customer support that you joined with.

Click here for CCBill customer support
Click here for Epoch customer support

Or you can contact our support Team.

Q: A new password has been mailed to you?
A: You received a new password withour any query? It is possible that your password has been automatically changed by our system due to security reasons.

Q: Do I have access until the end of subscription after cancelation?
A: You won't lose a day at your favorite site! If you cancel your membership for any reason before the end of the paid period, your membership won't be immediately terminated.

Q: My credit card was changed, what shall I do?
A: If your credit card number was changed, then you should turn to the merchant's customer support team. Ask them to update your card data (your card number). Sadly we cannot update it because we do not store it in our system.

Click here for CCBill customer support
Click here for Epoch customer support

Q: Can I download all pictures and movies?
A: You can download all pictures and you don't need to stay a member to watch them locally. Our high quality streaming movies are not available for download. All sites marked with download feature have also all movies available for download.

Q: Which file types you use in the members area?
A: We use different file types. Usually we use .wmv for movies and .jpg for pictures. Many movies are downloadable in .mpg and .mov file format, also.

Q: Do I need a flash player?
A: Yes, you will need the latest flash player plugin for your browser to use all features.

Q: What OS Types and Browsers do you support?
We support all OS Types, if you have a compatible HTML browser and latest flash plugin installed.
We have successfully tested MS IE 6+, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support Team.

For Billing support please visit CCBill or Epoch.


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